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We can build you a brand new low cost website or bring your old one up to speed

Technology seems to move so fast that it can be hard to keep up with all the different types of technology. Let me help you develop your business website or church website and stay connected by reaching new customers through internet technologies like: Social Media, Email Marketing, Facebook Marketing and other way to drive the right people to your new professional built – low cost website .

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Old Technology

Non-Data based (Old HTML) websites don’t work very well on new technology devices like cell phones and tablets.  They load slower and a subjectable to hackers and malware.  Statistically, 59% to 78% of people who find your website will do so on a phone or table first.  In the future I am sure that statistic will increase and it will be more and more important to have your website up to date to the latest versions of web based internet website platforms.  

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New Technology

Your new low cost website will load faster, work with cell phones and tablets is easy to update and use.  You can also easily, connect your social media and attract more customers.  Whether you have a business website of a church website I have SolutionZ for you to drive people to your website, products and services that you provide.   

My Story

I’m Ken, I’m an entrepreneur from Fall River, Massachusetts who makes a living on the internet.  I consider myself one of the luckiest persons on Earth. I have a wonderful family and love what I do for work.  The internet is a strange beast but with the proper strategy(s) and mind-set it can be tamed.  I can be found, most days, right here in front of my computer building supper cool websites and doing Social Media marketing for my awesome clients while also teaching others how to succeed online.

Cheers! Ken